Two pearlin whitinig trays + =Sonic blue brush Free

Two pearlin whitinig trays + Sonic blue brush Free

Two pearlin whitinig trays +Sonic blue brush Free

Pearline Whitening Trays:

are all what you need to have the prefect white teeth at home. The trays feature the hydrogen peroxide used by the dentists. Thus, you can whiten your teeth at home and get the perfect results without visiting the clinic and paying lots of money. These whitening trays are designed to easily fit your teeth as to allow the whitening gel to surround your teeth. These trays would remove the stains that result from coffee, tea and tobacco consumption. If being used for 30 minutes for 7 days, you will get the dazzling white teeth you desire. The package contains 7 trays for upper teeth and 7 trays for lower teeth. The letter U indicates that this tray is for the upper teeth while the L marks the lower teeth tray. You can use the trays every six months or when needed to retain the results of teeth whitening.

Sonic Blue Brush :
Pearline Sonic Blue Smart Brush a must have for healthier and whiter teeth!! This brush is designed with
the latest technologies to grant you the best oral care and an effective whitening. It features the
whitening blue light action that is proven to be 4 times faster compared to other whitening systems. The
brush would also reduce bacteria for ultimate oral care. With Sonic Blue, your teeth would look whiter
and better every day.

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